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There are currently 138 websites and 29 pending approval that may be useful to you. Do you want to add a new website to de list? Don't forget to read the rules before doing so. All the utilities websites have been viewed 3226 times.

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Sitename Description
Just Delete meCollection of links to delete your account on thousands of sites Visit now234 Visits
All CharactersSpecial characters repository, Copy and paste it Visit now142 Visits
HDEVView from the ISS 24h cameras Visit now123 Visits
MathwaySolve any type of mathematical problem, from basic mathematics to chemical equations. Visit now53 Visits
Find cities BudgetEnter your salary and it will tell you where in the world you can afford to live. Visit now49 Visits
TuneFindFind the songs that have been played in any TV series. Even by seasons and episodes Visit now46 Visits
All People 1 pageDisplays live world population by region Visit now33 Visits
Free Online PhoneTo receive SMS Visit now32 Visits
Real Favicon GeneratorThe best Favicon generator Visit now29 Visits
Super LotoutLogging into this website will automatically log you out of all accounts you have open in your browser. Visit now29 Visits
MadeonTo create music online with ease Visit now29 Visits
CringeMDbIt tells you in more detail whether a film can be seen by minors. Visit now28 Visits
TrelloThe best tool for organising a project team Visit now27 Visits
AirHelpReceive compensation for cancelled or delayed flights Visit now27 Visits
Detargetable DecompilerDecompiles DLL's and executables written in C showing us the code Visit now27 Visits
ExpatistanCompare the cost of living between two cities: food, housing, transport.. Visit now26 Visits
IconFinderMore than 2,000,000 icons absolutely free of charge Visit now26 Visits
HoneyApplies discount coupons on a multitude of e-commerce websites without even having to search for them. It is an extension that applies the most discounted coupon it finds. Visit now26 Visits
RadioooooChoose a date and a country and you can listen to the music popular at that time. Visit now25 Visits
WhoerTo connect through public proxies in other countries Visit now25 Visits
vozMeCreates a read mp3 from the text we write. Visit now25 Visits
GeaCronSee how the world map has changed throughout history. Visit now25 Visits
Graphic Adventures GamesA complete compilation of Graphic Adventures Videogames Visit now25 Visits
Hundred ZerosThis is the website that finds and recommends books that are free on Amazon. It also lets you search for them by genre. Visit now25 Visits
Eat This MuchYou enter the number of calories you want to eat over the course of a day, the number of meals you want to divide them into, and it provides you with a menu to suit your taste. Visit now25 Visits
LivePlasmaBased on your answers, it suggests new music, films and TV series. Visit now24 Visits
MyFontsWith an image it recognises the font it uses Visit now24 Visits
My AbandonwarePlay ancient games again Visit now24 Visits
BubblCreate and share concept maps and to do team work. Visit now24 Visits
YouiDraw PainterAn online Paint Visit now24 Visits
Web 2.0 CalcAn online scientific calculator Visit now24 Visits
Adobe ColorA large palette of colours online. Bring out the colour in all formats Visit now24 Visits
Top Documentary FilmsFree documentaries listed by category, with general recommendations. Perfect. Visit now24 Visits
ForvoHas more than two million words in over 300 languages, ready to play and listen to their pronunciation. Visit now24 Visits
Internet MapMap of the entire internet in the form of a constellation where each website is a circle. Visit now24 Visits
IS The Service DownTo find out if a service is down or if it just doesn't work for you. Visit now23 Visits
Itch.ioEndless independent games created by studios and non-studios (mostly free) Visit now23 Visits
10 Minute Mail10-minute disposable mailer. Very useful for express registrations to pages Visit now22 Visits
Ease.lyCreating online infographics Visit now22 Visits
OneWordPostCreate the most simple webpage, as simplest as one word Visit now22 Visits
A Soft MurmurCreate your own ambient sound to your liking, rain, fire, thunder, birds, air... Visit now20 Visits
SilkInteractive art generator. Create abstract paintings in a simple and harmonious way. Visit now20 Visits
BefunkyA good online photo editor Visit now20 Visits
ArkadiaThis absorbing website transports you through all kinds of fantastical, magical and infinite worlds. Visit now20 Visits
DictationYou dictate and the web writes it, then you can copy the text. It recognises the audio quite well, there are hardly any mistakes. Visit now19 Visits
LMGTFYTo troll those people who ask anything before googling. Visit now19 Visits
CanvaCreate digital or print designs: posters, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, postcards ... Visit now19 Visits
Will My Phone WorkCheck if a mobile will work in a country on different networks and frequencies. Visit now19 Visits
Have I Been pwnedCheck if your email has been hacked on many major online services Visit now19 Visits
ShribOnline notepad Visit now19 Visits
SSegaSEGA game emulator Visit now19 Visits
Boating KnotsLearn how to tie knots Visit now19 Visits
TeleportAdd the parameters you want and it recommends you which cities fit them. Visit now19 Visits
NintandBoxAll nintendo game boxes, cover art, instructions, stickers, stamps for your "backups". Visit now19 Visits
Tiii.meTells you how much time you have spent or will spend watching series in your life. Visit now19 Visits
PixabayQuality images for free use Visit now18 Visits
UnplashQuality images for free use Visit now18 Visits
Wolffram AlphaSolve all kinds of exercises online Visit now18 Visits
Cloud ConvertSite for conversion between more than 200 formats. audio, video, documents... Visit now18 Visits
Alarm DJCreates an alarm and plays the music of your choice Visit now18 Visits
Free FaxSend a fax free of charge and online Visit now18 Visits
GifprintPulls out the images inside a GIF Visit now18 Visits
DuckDuckGoA web search engine that doesn't crawl you and uses google's search system. Visit now18 Visits
GeoguessrFind out where you are with Google Maps photos Visit now18 Visits
Stuff in SpaceAll satellites and bodies around the earth with lots of data Visit now18 Visits
Online OCRImage to text converter Visit now18 Visits
AppearSkype-style conferencing, but without the need for registration Visit now18 Visits
RecolorChoose which colours match each other when creating your website. Visit now18 Visits
FreesoundHuge free sound library Visit now18 Visits
AllKeyShopGame key price comparator Visit now18 Visits
Animators Resource KitResources for 2d and 3d animators Visit now18 Visits
Secure Password CheckSee how long it would take to find out your password Visit now18 Visits
HackerTyperWeb that simulates that you are programming or hacking as you press any key. Visit now18 Visits
ForekastCalendar of upcoming events Visit now18 Visits
Clicking Speed TestA page to measure the speed of mouse clicks per second Visit now18 Visits
Wiki Peliculas OnlineWiki with the best sites to watch Online Movies legally and for free Visit now18 Visits
Zero Dollar MoviesA collection of films that we can watch for free on various platforms Visit now18 Visits
ManualsLibIf you have lost the manual of anything, cell phone, washing machine, television, mp3 player, you can find it here Visit now17 Visits
FutureMeSend an email to yourself in the future Visit now17 Visits
Typing LessonsBecome a typing machine with exercises and games Visit now17 Visits
NiniteInstall and update all your software at the same time Visit now17 Visits
Radio GardenRadios from all over the world, navigate with an interactive world map. Visit now17 Visits
Flightradar24Web to see all flights live, just enter the flight number. Visit now17 Visits
FootballiaHundreds of football matches from the entire history of all competitions. Visit now17 Visits
VirusTotal Online scanning of a file for viruses Visit now17 Visits
PTableThe best website about the periodic table that you can find. Visit now17 Visits
BounceCreate a screenshot of a website, just enter the address and you're done. Visit now17 Visits
Templates OfficeThemes and templates for Office suite programmes Visit now17 Visits
DuolingoLearning languages while having fun Visit now17 Visits
FrinkiacSearch for any Simpsons scene from a dialogue and it allows you to create a GIF. Visit now17 Visits
WindyWorld weather map. A great Visit now17 Visits
InterfaceLIFTFind Wallpappers for any resolution. Including 4k and 5k Visit now17 Visits
Hotel Wifi TestDo you want to know what Internet speed you have in any hotel in the world? This is the place to do it Visit now17 Visits
Google FontsGoogle Font Repository. A marvel Visit now17 Visits
Rainy MoodSound of rain with thunder, the best Visit now17 Visits
Photocall.tvTo watch any live TV channel, including those from other countries Visit now17 Visits
Can You Run itFind out if your PC's features are capable of running a game Visit now17 Visits
100,000 StarsWebsite to see all the stars in the milky way Visit now17 Visits
FatsecretFind out the calories and macronutrients of any food and control your diet. Visit now17 Visits
The Useless WebRandomly meet a bunch of useless websites Visit now17 Visits
LiveuamapA map to see and understand international conflicts Visit now17 Visits
CameyoOnline application emulator Visit now17 Visits
TyneyeCheck on which websites an image is displayed Visit now17 Visits
HRW World AtlasAll maps and country descriptions of the world Visit now17 Visits
OstagramTo merge two photos. Impressive results Visit now17 Visits
Device SpecificationsTo know all the technical specifications of a Smartphone in depth Visit now17 Visits
Stack OverflowTo resolve any doubts regarding code in programming languages Visit now17 Visits
Comedy CartoonVintage cartoon music bookcase Visit now17 Visits
Sketchfab The deviantart of 3D artists Visit now17 Visits
waifu2xOnline image enlarger. Works AWESOME. Visit now17 Visits
Loader.toConvert Youtube video in MP3 Visit now17 Visits
onpasteTake a screenshot and paste directly on the web to save it or share it Visit now17 Visits
WordCounterOnline word, character, sentence and paragraph counter Visit now17 Visits
Reverse ImageUpload an image and find similar pictures on the web. Visit now17 Visits
Print Wat You LikeIt is used to print web pages. Only the content. No ads, no elements that do not contribute to the transfer of a web page to paper. Visit now17 Visits
Wiki Ganar DineroWiki on how to make money on the internet and which platforms to use Visit now17 Visits
Old VersionSearch for old versions of updated programmes Visit now16 Visits
KiddleChild-safe search engine Visit now16 Visits
HowLogToBeatBefore starting a game it is always good to know how long it will last you Visit now16 Visits
LumosityEnjoy a brain workout created by scientists and designers Visit now16 Visits
Sign LanguageSign language dictionary. Look up the word and watch the video with the gesture. Visit now16 Visits
Compressor.ioOnline image converter that reduces file size by 90% without losing significant quality. Visit now16 Visits
Daily todoCreate a to-do list in the browser without logging in Visit now16 Visits
NamechkCheck if a username is available on hundreds of services and social networks Visit now16 Visits
PrivnoteSend notes that are destroyed after being read by the recipient Visit now16 Visits
CryptiiAllows you to encrypt and decrypt between different format systems: MD5, SHA-1, BASE64, DECIMAL, BINARY... Visit now16 Visits
myNoiseAudio tracks generated for different purposes: to help you concentrate, to relax Visit now16 Visits
ISS Transit FinderAllows you to calculate when the ISS will pass in front of the moon Visit now16 Visits
Solar System ScopeSolar system in interactive mode with body info Visit now16 Visits
FooPlotFor graphical representations Visit now16 Visits
Fake Name GeneratorTo generate false identities of different nationalities Visit now16 Visits
Camel Camel CamelTo track the price of a product on amazon Visit now16 Visits
LegoizerUpload a photo and it will give you instructions on how to make it with lego tokens, how many tokens and what kind. Visit now16 Visits
Small pdfPerform all kinds of actions on your PDF files. Compress, convert, edit, flip.. Visit now15 Visits
DeepLOne of the best translators currently available Visit now15 Visits
SuperCookYou tell him what ingredients you have, and he looks up the recipes for you. Visit now15 Visits
EmojitrackerIt lets you know how many times an emoji has been posted on Twitter. Very curious Visit now15 Visits
PreziCreating presentations that are better than PowerPoint Visit now15 Visits